HQVillage aims to bring smart working to small Italian villages.

How? By accompanying local administrations and individual property owners through a process of infrastructure and housing regeneration that is sustainable, digital and geared towards preserving the authenticity of the place. At the same time, we work alongside smart workers, businesses and serving Digital communities to provide them with innovative solutions that meet their business and personal needs.

What we want do?

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    Promote the revival of small villages suffering from depopulation, turning them into widespread, inclusive, digital and sustainable Smart Lands
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    Empowering small property owners to enhance the value of their homes by raising their value and generating a steady stream of income.
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    Incentivising companies to invest in the well-being of their employees by revolutionising the concept of headquarters and breaking down all geographical boundaries
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    Giving an unforgettable experience to smartworkers, corporate employees and digital nomads, whether they are travelling alone, with family or in a team.

Why believe it?

For us, the future is rooted in the sum of the choices and actions we take today. For those of us who aspire to a more inclusive, efficient and sustainable society, the time has come to take action to define its contours. Let’s all contribute to the growth of the opportunities within our beautiful villages, and put them at the service of working men and women around the world to bring out their talents. Let’s take a leaf out of nature’s book and create a system of diffuse intelligence that makes the whole social fabric flourish.

Who are we? HQVillage Team