Villages and small municipalities

To enhance the value of territories
guaranteeing the preservation of their uniqueness.

Our HQVillages

Islands of excellence, fertile places in which to enhance local identities, unique and not reproducible, and experiment with innovative forms of smartworking.

Some of our Villages

Why be part of HQVILLAGE

  • -

    Attractiveness of the village not only for tourism
  • -

    Repopulation and increase in average wealth
  • -

    Opportunity to create new jobs
  • -

    Innovation while maintaining the uniqueness of the place

HQVillage for the MUNICIPALITY

Hqvillage provides a team of professionals to support you at all stages and allow you to make your village The Best Place to SmartWork!

Rediscovering villages and quality of life.
The village in the hills or overlooking the sea is no longer just a holiday destination, but a vibrant centre where people can work and start up businesses. A real alternative to the metropolis.
We need investment, technology, ideas and a desire to do.

Source citation: Fuga dalle Città, di Silvia Messa, Millionaire, n.12/1 dic – gennaio 2021