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HQVillage: acting as a catalyst for the future

In order for a process to take place, there is often a need for something that triggers a reaction. HeadQuarter Village stands just like that something.

When an idea turns into a concrete project, you stop wondering what to do and start thinking about how to do it and for whom. In recent months, this is what we have focused on, reviewing all the various aspects on which to operate. In doing so, we realized that we should act as catalysts.

If you haven’t quite forgotten your chemistry or biology professors, this term should sound familiar. In fact, catalysts are molecules that intervene during a reaction, offering a double advantage. They can reduce the amount of energy needed for the reaction to occur, and speed up the process. These molecules, or rather enzymes, do not take part in the reaction, they do not benefit from it. Rather, they facilitate the transformations that then benefit the whole cell.
I believe that the comparison with the catalysts represents well the values that guide our project. On the one hand, that of reducing the gap that separates large cities and small villages, working in favor of the latter. Offer the right equipment and clear the road of holes and obstacles, so as to make the course less treacherous. On the other hand, that of speeding up the transformation process by connecting supply and demand.

 Create a sliding bridge between the needs of companies, male and female workers and the opportunities offered to them by the regenerated municipalities.

Ponte in mezzo al bosco

Fonte – FreePik

Yes, you are right, in this case we would also benefit from it. Cheap and not. Among these, being able to build a network of communities and workers who believe in a sustainable and inclusive growth model. Becoming, perhaps, a reference for all those who want to start doing the same.

We like this way of working and it represents us because, just like cells, it benefits the entire social fabric. A circular system in which, according to Lavoisier, nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed.

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